Cloud Powder Creamer - MoodBeli


Here is the thing - I LOVE rich flavors, and back in the day when I eliminated dairy, I knew that I NEEDED something to replace that creamy delicious byproduct that cream makes in your morning coffee. Hence, I was on a dedicated hunt for a delicious and packed-with-nutrients dairy-free creamer, when I came across Moodbeli. I instantly loved Moodbeli’s branding, packaging and integration of adaptogenics.

Their “Cloud Powder” (great name) was instantly of interest to me, as it contains tocotrienols (which fight free radical damage), organic coconut powder (derived from the coco meat) and coconut water powder. When I first opened up the jar it’s no wonder why it’s called “Cloud Powder” because it is fluffy and…kinda beautiful to look at. It appears to almost sparkle as you take a heaping spoonful and mix it into your morning drink (mine is organic coffee or matcha latte.) I went through the jar pretty quickly though. I do wish it was slightly more of a creamy texture, but there are liquid non-dairy creamers (that I will review in the near-future) that do achieve that. I think the main advantage of the Cloud Powder is that the the tocos gives it an extra boost of health benefits to your morning latte, and I am a big fan of taking the opportunity to cram as many nutrients into one food/beverage experience.